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Jyotiraditya’s journey as a parliamentarian began in 2002 when he won the by-election in Guna, Madhya Pradesh. He has since been re-elected thrice (2004-09, 2009-14, 2014-19). Jyotiraditya believes that the role of a Member of Parliament is defined by the questions he articulates and the issues he chooses to raise for discussion and debate. As a parliamentarian, he realises the importance of espousing the cause of his people while simultaneously contributing to national issues and articulating his own vision.

In the Parliament, his journey has been one of constant learning and evolution. For Jyotiraditya, his role is not limited to the debates within the chambers of the Lok Sabha. Rather, he holds himself accountable to his constituents and is committed to optimizing his position for the development of his constituency and its people. He is as concerned about the local issues that his constituents in their day-to-day lives, as he is about matters of national importance. Jyotiraditya believes that Parliament is a pivotal platform for national debates and development — a place where a range of opinions, issues and ideas come forth, and where the collective mission of national development takes shape.

Type of Intervention Current Past
Debate 46 82
Special Mentions 16 6
Questions 761 551
Supplementary Questions 6 6
Government/Private Member Bills 2 4
Parliamentary Committees: Parliamentary committees play a critical role in the Parliamentary form of government, acting as a system of checks and balances in scrutinising major policy decisions, reviewing legislations and appraising government schemes.
  1. Standing Committee of Finance
  2. Committee of Privileges
  3. Consultative Committee of Home
Focus: Jyotiraditya has raised multiple local and national issues as a Member of Parliament. He has focused on the plight of farmers, the struggle of vulnerable and marginalized communities, and matters of national security. He also submitted a Private Member’s Bill urging the government to set up a nodal agency for launching, operating and supervising a integrated, multi-sectoral programme in mission mode (Malnutrition Eradication Mission) to identify and eradicate malnutrition amongst children.   Looking for more information? Head to the Lok Sabha website.
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