On my Bookshelf : My Favorite Books

On my Bookshelf : My Favorite Books

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1. Art of War, Sun Tzu

It is incredible how a book from 5th century BC still rings true today. Sun Tzu famously said, “The wise warrior avoids the battle.” For me, these words draw the line between politics and public service. I believe it is my duty to focus my energy on helping my people instead of investing my resources in the battle of politics. I often turn to this book for guidance on a wiser way of life. The Art of War is a series of teachings that can guide not just a warrior, but every human on a way of life that leads to victory.

2. Argumentative Indian, Amartya Sen

It is indeed one of our greatest assets that we harbor and hone our innate ability to build and argue with such passion and conviction. Sen captures this coherently in his book that brings together the political with the philosophical, and the historical with the sociological. For the critic in me, this amalgamation of essays was a great read that beautifully captured not the contemporary stance and situation of India, but also its intellectual and political journey as a nation with a formidable diversity of identities and opinions and their fervent preservation.

3. Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda

In my early days, I was introduced to spirituality, and ever since it has been a way of life. However, it was only recently that I had the chance to read this 1947 autobiography. The words of the Yogananda have guided me since. The book explores the life of the Yogi and carefully details the ancient traditions and practices of spirituality that emerged from our early land. Approaching this book with an open mind, I came out learning a great deal about ancient Indian philosophy, the practice of meditation, and the universe’s laws behind the extraordinary.