On my Bookshelf : My Favorite Books

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1. Art of War, Sun Tzu It is incredible how a book from 5th century BC still rings true today.…

लक्ष्य ‘सिंधिया’ फैलोशिप

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क्या आप कॉलेज के छात्र हैं जो नीति और राजनीति में रूचि रखते है? क्या आप बदलाव का योद्धा  बनना…

Lakshya ‘Scindia’ Fellowship

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  Are you a college student interested in policy and politics? Do you want to be a Champion of Change?…

The Voice of Our Women : My Take on Women’s Reservation in Parliament

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Reservation for women in India’s legislative bodies is, by no means, a new idea. The Constitution (73rd Amendment) Act, 1992…